Lo-Fi Memphis Sample Pack & Drum Kit
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Lo-Fi Memphis Sample Pack & Drum Kit

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Enter the Sound of 90s Memphis Rap

This kit is designed to give you everything you need to quickly and easily create authentic-sounding Memphis Rap Beats.

We utilized 2 pieces of hardware from the early 90s which were staples of the Underground Memphis Rap Genre - the DR660*, and it's predecessor - the DR5*.

With these machines we created 100 Original Melody Loops, 100+ Analog Drum Sounds and 30 Drum Loops. All of these sounds are processed through a real lo-fi cassette deck to give you a true analog sound. We also included a bunch of extras - Melody Stems, 100% Original Tape Recorded Vocal Samples, FL Studio Project Files (FLPs), and a 20 minute Video Tutorial showing how to make a beat with this pack.

Our loops are BPM and Key Labeled, so it's possible to make beats in seconds. Just drag and drop into your favorite DAW. Perfect for producers at any skill level - Beginner to Advanced.


  • 138  Drum Sounds
  • 30  Drum Loops
  • 100  Melody Loops [BPM & Key-Labeled]
  • 370  Melody Stem Files (Original and Lo-Fi Processed Versions Included)
  • 94  Lo-Fi Chops (Chords, One-Shots, etc.) [Key-Labeled]
  • 36  Original Vocal Samples
  • 10  Bonus Samples (FX, Bass Sounds & More)
  • 1  FREE In-Depth Video Tutorial




"Do the Melody Loops / Vocal Samples Require Clearance?"

No Sample Clearance Required for:
• Online Beat Leasing
• Small / Independent Releases under 5 million streams

Sample Clearance is Required for:
• Any Major Label / Large Indie Label Releases
• Small / Independent Releases that exceed 5 million streams

Read License

For questions or clearance requests, please email: info@loadedsamples.com

"Is this pack compatible with __________ ?"

The samples in this pack are .WAV files, which means they are compatible with any music production software (FL Studio, Ableton, Logic, etc.). These samples are also compatible with all hardware samplers (MPC, SP-404, etc.).



(*) DR660 and DR5 are registered trademarks of Roland Corporation.
The sample pack presented on this page is in no way affiliated with this company.

Customer Reviews

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Pretty good



Camen Reynolds
Insane pack

I have to say i am extremely happy with this pack. After purchase was able to craft several songs in one day from how awesome this one is

Barney Atencio
Most Authentic Memphis Kit

This is the most authentic memphis rap/phonk kit on the market. The drum sounds in this kit are perfect for making Shawty Pimp or COTC (Children of The Corn) type beats. The melodies in this kit are INSANE! Their so clean yet they still have that authentic 90s memphis sound. Loaded Samples seriously has the best memphis kits i've seen.


I thought is was a bit pricey for a drum pack at first, but they really delivered on some quality sounds.

If you are looking for that Memphis sound look no further. This pack definitely became one of my go-to selections.