Lo-Fi Memphis Sample Pack & Drum Kit
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Lo-Fi Memphis Sample Pack & Drum Kit

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Capture the sound of 90s Underground Memphis Rap with our newest kit:


This kit is designed to give you everything you need to quickly and easily create authentic sounding Memphis Rap Beats. We utilized 2 pieces of hardware from the early 90s which were staples of the Underground Memphis Rap Genre - the Boss DR-660, and it's predecessor - the DR-5. With these machines we created over 100+ Original Melody Loops, 100+ DR-660 Drum Sounds and 30 Drum Loops. All of these sounds are processed through a real lo-fi cassette deck to give you a true analog sound. We also included a bunch of extras - Cassette Processed Vocal Samples, Bonus Samples, FL Studio Project Files (FLPs), and a 20 minute Video Tutorial showing how to make beats with this pack.

All of the loops are BPM labeled, so it's easy to make beats in literally seconds. Just drag and drop our loops/melodies, or create your own drum patterns with the cassette-processed DR-660 Drum Sounds. This makes it perfect for producers at any skill level - Beginner to Advanced.


  • 138  DR-660 Drum Sounds
  • 30  DR-660 Drum Loops
  • 60  DR-660 Melody Loops  (Includes Cassette Processed and Original Versions of Each Loop - 120 Files Total)
  • 53  DR-5 Melody Loops  (Includes Cassette Processed and Original Versions of Each Loop - 106 Files Total)
  • 36  Exclusive Vocal Samples
  • 10  Bonus Samples (FX, Bass Sounds & More)
  • 2  FL Studio Project Files  (Compatible with FL Studio version 20.8 and above)
  • Plus: FREE In-Depth Video Tutorial

All files in the kit are High Quality .WAV Format. No low quality sounds chopped from Memphis Rap MP3s. Multiple variations for maximum flexibility in your productions.

Check out the demo video below:


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